A Buyer’s Guide To Your First TV Box

Android TV Box LogoThe home TV viewing experience has changed drastically in the past decade thanks partly to emerging technologies that revolutionize the way we watch. One of the most revolutionary multimedia technologies taking Australian homes by storm is the Android TV box. While relatively new, the Android TV Box has undoubtedly come a long way.

First off, what is an Android TV box? The short answer is that it is a multimedia device that is running via the Android operating system. The long answer is that like a Kodi box, and it is a home multimedia device that turns your TV into a well-refined entertainment system that is compatible with games, apps and more software that runs on Android devices.

This device is mostly compared to cable subscriptions in a sense that both provide you with a selection of programs to watch, and benefits to reap. Of course, each has its own merits and which is better of the two entirely depends on you. However, we’ll give you a sampling of why this device is worth getting.

Should You Buy One?

If you are unsure about whether or not you should buy this device, you should take a look at its benefits first.

  • Portability – Unlike standard cable subscriptions, this multimedia device is portable. So long as there is an internet connection and the appropriate ports are there on the TV, this device can be used efficiently. It’s a simple plug and plays setup so you can get things running in no time.
  • Easy On The Budget – If you are going to buy one of these boxes, you’ll have to shell out a more significant sum of cash upfront compared to what you’ll pay for a month’s worth of cable. However, these multimedia boxes are often a one-time payment affair so after that initial cash out. After a few months or so of paying for a cable subscription, you’ll see that you’ll spend more for it compared to these TV boxes.
  • Exclusive Programs And Apps – While it may not have some of the programs that air on cable TV, these devices make up for it through a nearly endless selection of apps and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The latter even gives you access to many exclusive shows such as The Umbrella Academy, Birdbox and more.

These are just some of the benefits that could be had from TV boxes. We’re sure you are excited to get one of your own but since these have become more popular than ever. You’ll be overwhelmed by the number of TV boxes out there,  You can bet that there are hundreds if not thousands of TV boxes to choose from in your local tech store but before you make that big purchase, here are some of our tips in buying the right box.

Before You Buy


As with most tech devices and gadgets, the brand you are buying from is essential. When it comes to smartphones, we rely on Samsung, Apple, and Sony to name a few. For TV boxes, you should try to secure devices coming from renowned brands. By building on top brands, you are guaranteed a piece of durable and high-quality equipment.

Third-Party Support

Before you buy a device, make sure it has Bluetooth connectivity as well as Google Play Store support. These will enhance your viewing experience. It will also make your machine run to its full potential.


All Android TV boxes run on the Android operating system, but they aren’t all running on the same version. Ideally, you may want to buy a device that is installed with the latest versions of the Android OS. In doing so, you can avoid the pesky bugs and issues that were present with previous devices. New releases also often have new features to enjoy as well. For TV boxes, you’ll need to find a device that runs on Android 7.0 or higher to make sure it runs smoothly.

Video Display/Processing Power

Since this is a multimedia device we are talking about, it should have the capacity to run videos and other media at the highest standards possible. For videos, the device should come with an HDMI port. Preferably, it should have at least HDMI 2.0 as it will allow you to access 4K streaming which is currently the gold standard in home viewing.

As for games and other apps, you should first check the processor your device has. Some of the best processors include DynamIQ Technology and Tegra X1 Processor. These will ensure that your media device will have no issues running demanding games and other software.


There is a good chance that whatever you are buying, someone else has already bought before. That means there are reviews available for that multimedia device or Kodi box already. If you browse through these reviews beforehand, you’ll be getting an idea of what you are getting yourself into. You can immediately see the pros and cons of the device you are interested in acquiring and this might be the sure way of checking out if it is worth your money.

There is a multitude of ways for you to enhance your TV viewing experience, but these TV boxes are entirely something else. It revolutionizes the way you use your TV, and it makes use of the latest technology available. If you have the money, consider investing in a TV box instead of a cable subscription as you’ll get more bang for your buck.