Top Benefits of Android TV Box

An Android TV box will help you get the best possible TV viewing experience without having to upgrade to a smart TV. Most people have high-quality HD or 4K TV panels with stunning picture quality and wide screens. Unfortunately, they can only access content through cable or satellite TV connections or BlueRay and DVD players. An Android TV box can change that; here are some reasons you should consider buying it:

  1. Connection to the Internet

One of the biggest advantages of Android TV is that it connects your TV to the Internet and gives you access to all the content you want to watch. You can visit your social media pages, watch YouTube videos, browse the Internet, and watch newly released movies. This box has a built-in Android 5 Marshmallow OS; so you have a user-friendly eco-system as well.

  1. Access to Hundreds of Apps

Android TV connects you to the Google Play Store so you have access to hundreds of apps, including NetFlix, YouTube, Crunchyroll, Google Play Movies and TV, etc. You can do several things with the help of these apps so your TV turns into a smartphone-like device.

  1. Compatible with Most TVs

Android TV box is compatible with all modern TVs that have an HDMI cable input option. You can easily use this with 4K, QHD, Curved displays, and Plasma displays as well. Different apps allow you to share all kinds of media content through your TV and this includes presentations, documents, and photographs.

  1. Regular Updates

Android TV is updated on a regular basis and that gives it a distinct advantage over traditional Smart TVs. Most smart TVs come with proprietary software and operating systems that don’t receive consistent upgrades. Android TV, on the other hand, is upgraded along with the entire Android eco-system so your software will get a refresh often and will be compatible with most of the apps.

  1. Excellent For Gaming

Android TV is an excellent platform for gaming and you have access to hundreds of interesting titles. The gaming experience is very immersive because of the TV’s large screen size. A good quality box will also have a decent GPU to support superior graphics so the overall gaming performance will be smooth and consistent.

If you want to enjoy a fully-immersive experience on your large TV screen, purchase your own Smart Android TV box today and enjoy movies and programs at your own convenience!