Android TV Box vs. Apple TV Box

TV boxes have become very popular in the recent years, because people want on-demand entertainment and access to a wide range of options. Both Apple TV and Android TV will give you access to online content through apps like Netflix and YouTube. Most customers are torn between the two and don’t know which TV box is right for them. Here’s a brief guide that can help you choose:

  1. Price

Apple is known for their premium products and their price tag reflects that. Apple TV boxes are definitely more expensive in comparison to Android TV boxes. The 32GB variant costs $239 while the 64GB variant will cost $299. An Android TV box will cost you anywhere between $159 and $199 and you’ll enjoy the same benefits that an Apple TV device gives you.

  1. What’s Included in the Box?

Both Apple and Android TVs come with a box, HDMI connecting cables, USB ports, and other such features. With Apple TV, you’ll also get the Siri Remote that allows you to operate the software remotely and play games. The remote can be used as an accessory to games.

  1. What Can You Do On Apple?

You can stream content from third party apps like YouTube and Netflix. You can also stream movies and programs from Apple iTunes. The TV box is firmly entrenched in the Apple ecosystem so you get all the advantages of being a part of that comprehensive and versatile space. This system is very user-friendly and gets updated regularly. Apple also intends to add new native apps to the system at a later date.

  1. What Can You Do on Android?

Like Apple, you have access to a number of third party streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube. You can also purchase games, movies, TV programs, and other such forms of content from the Google Play Store. With Apple, your options are limited by the company’s walled garden. Android is much more versatile and flexible. Developers constantly churn out hundreds of apps and updates for Android TV and the OS is user-friendly. The biggest advantage that Android TV has over Apple is gaming. The Google Play Store will give you access to hundreds of games and can use multi-player apps in this system.

When you take a 360° view of both these products, you will find that an Android TV Box offers significant benefits. If you want to enjoy a fully-immersive experience on your large TV screen, purchase your own Smart Android TV box today and enjoy movies and programs at your own convenience!