Instructions on how to Setup TV Box Australia

These instructions can be used as a guide to set up the TV Box. Following these instructions is not mandatory, but may be helpful.

What’s in the box

  • TV Box
  • Power brick
  • HDMI cable
  • Air Remote
  • USB dongle for air remote
  • Manual for TV Box and remote

Connection instructions

  1. Connect TV Box to TV with HDMI cable
  2. Power TV Box with power brick and wall power
  3. Insert Air remote USB dongle into the TV Box
  4. Use the HDMI setting on the TV – you will see the logo and then the main menu of the TV Box

TV Box initial setup

  1. Select WiFi settings and connect to WiFi
  2. Select the Play Store and follow all prompts – including signing in with your google account
  3. Any required updates will be prompted when required

General App setup

  1. Many apps will require an account, these can be created on the providers website or through the TV Box
  2. If you have an account, simply insert the details

Premium App setup

  1. Some apps require a subscription with the content provider, examples include Netflix, Stan and Optus sports

Using the Air mouse

  1. The main feature of the air mouse is the QWERTY keyboard and the Gyro based navigation. Below the “OK” button is a mouse button, by pressing this you can wave the air mouse and use the mouse function. You can think about it as waving your finger across the screen, and pressing the “OK” button is like a touch.
  2. The TV Box remote has two modes. One mode being the IR mode and the other being the wireless mode.
    1. The IR mode is used to turn the TV Box on when it is turned off. You are in this mode if the green light is not on.
    2. The Wireless mode is used to control and navigate the TV Box, this is the mode you want to be using most of the time. This is indicated if the green light stays lit. (The light will turn off after inactivity, but by pressing any button it will wake the remote and show you the mode it is in based on the light.)

      You can toggle which mode you want by pressing the “TV” button at the top right corner.