Refunds Policy

We understand that sometimes the product delivered to you doesn’t perform or is damaged during the shipping. We have a comprehensive returns policy set out below, but we strongly recommend that each individual researches the product before purchasing to make sure it is what they are after. Here’s a complete explanation of our refunds and returns policy.

When Can You Return The Product?
If the item you ordered doesn’t arrive, then we’ll provide a full refund or a replacement. If the item you receive is damaged or doesn’t operate properly then you can return it to us, we’ll evaluate the product and if your feedback matches then we’ll offer a full refund or a replacement. Here are some additional conditions on the return:

  • Original Bill and Invoice – You need to retain all of the original paperwork connected to your purchase.
  • Condition – The item must be in the same condition as you received it and should retain all of its original packaging.


After you’ve returned the item, we’ll assess it carefully to determine its condition. We’ll send an email acknowledgement to you after we receive the product and will let you know if we’ve approved or rejected the refund.

If your refund is approved, it will be processed and credited to your account in a matter of days. We’ll explain the exact amount of time for the refund in our acknowledgement email to you.

Late or Missing Refunds

If you’ve not received a refund by the scheduled date, we advise you to check your bank account or credit card statement once again. If you still don’t see the entry, we recommend that you contact your credit card company. Sometimes there’s a delay in posting the details of the refund.

If you still don’t see any results, please contact your bank and determine if there’s a problem with their system. If you don’t receive your refund and all of these avenues don’t provide any results, please send us an email at We’ll look into the matter promptly.


If you want to exchange your damaged or defective product, we encourage you to email us at We’ll send the shipping details to you. You’ll have to bear the costs of return shipping. If you get a refund, the cost of return shipping will be taken from your refund amount.


Your products can be cancelled within 24 hours of the order placement because we ship them out on the next day.

If you have any questions about our refunds policy, just contact us and we’ll reply with answers as quickly as we can.