Features of our new Android TV Box!

It’s no secret that cable is expensive. Even though it still contains adverts, many Australians pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year to cable companies. There is the adage that “you can’t have your cake and eat it, too”. However, you can do just that when it comes to television!

Rather than pay for an expensive cable TV subscription, have you considered using our Android TV Box? Also referred to as a “Kodi Box”, it has many features you would expect from modern cable and television systems.

Ease of Use

Don’t feel like paying for professional cable installation or finagling with it yourself? Then don’t! With our “Plug-n-Play” design, all you need to worry about is powering the TV Box, connecting it to the Internet, and then plugging an HDMI cord going out of the box into your TV! No more annoying and expensive cable issues!

Modern Tech

At this point, you may be wondering if our Android TV Box Australia is one of those “too good to be true” deals. You may see fancy adverts for new technologies and wondering if our TV Box is too good to be true. You might be wondering what it’s missing. It has all the modern tech you’ll need to enjoy any size TV, like the following:

  • Photo Viewing and Sharing from the Box
  • Pre-installed modern apps, so you won’t have to spend forever finding and installing them
  • Uses the latest version of Android Oreo, so you can install new apps, too!
  • 4K2K HD video playback! The best possible!
  • 8GB eMMC – this is plenty of space to install all the apps you need!
  • Supports all kinds of WiFi – b/g/n/ac!
  • Has a quad-core 64-bit processor!


Unfortunately, many Android TV Box options do not come with any kind of warranty. Many of the businesses are “fly by night” and have inferior units. However, our Kodi Box comes with a one-year warranty. We fully stand behind our product. We believe every Australian deserves a high-quality television experience without having to pay with an arm and a leg!

Supported Services

Many TV Boxes have some sort of limitation on what services are supported. Because ours runs on the popular “Android Oreo” operating system, we are able to support almost every streaming service that you enjoy. You will need to have your own subscription in most cases, but in addition to TV, we support the following streaming platforms:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix (subscription required)
  • Stan – offers plenty of movies and TV shows!
  • Kayo Sports – never miss out on a game!
  • Cricket Australia Live – never miss out on a Cricket match again!
  • Google Services, like Music and Movies!
  • And many more! (But we don’t want to bore you with the whole list!)

Remember, we also have lots of catch-up TV services available for streaming, and we have lots of different options if you just want to relax and listen to some music!

Furthermore, none of our services are illegal. Many of our competitors try to take a shortcut by using illegal IPTV services (this is considered “piracy”) to offer “fully loaded” or “free” services. We believe in integrity, and we maintain it when we build and develop our TV Box Australia!

Is it “fully loaded”? Does it have everything Kodi has to offer?

That depends on what you mean by “fully loaded”. Many vendors mean they have installed apps that link to illegally broadcast content, which could lead to fines and even time in jail. Ours is “fully loaded” in the sense that we provide you everything you need for a functioning TV box!

We provide the standard edition of Kodi with our boxes. This does not include pirated content. As a company, we feel that content creators deserve to earn money from their contributions to culture! Therefore, we do not include those add-ons. However, you will not miss out on the “Kodi Experience”!

Is this exactly the same as cable?

You will be able to watch some live events, depending on app availability and “black-out dates”. You will also be able to watch episodes of shows after they air through a variety of popular channels and applications. There is even visual guidance for all of this.

However, a cable subscription itself is not included with our Kodi Box or service. The only way to do this would be illegal, and we refuse to do so. There is an infinite world of entertainment out there, and we want you to enjoy it! We have taken every step to make sure that you will receive a quality product and never worry about fines or jail time for watching content that was broadcast illegally!